Monday, November 18, 2013

Studs again.

Hello, hello!
When I really start to love something I can't stop. That's what happend with studs. They're not comfortable to wear (they fall down pretty fast)d it usually takes me a lot of time to do it quite well but I like them on my nails:)
Here's what I did 2 days ago:
I couldn't decide what colors should I use and how to mix them. But I think blue looks good with silver and the same with pink and gold. How do they look all together? Really nice, if you ask me;)
For that mani I used:

  • Virtual Street Fashion 8 White
  • Essence colour&go 106 free hugs
  • Wet&Wild Wild Shine Teal Slowly and See
  • and of course gold and silver studs
Do I really have so fat fingers?

I wore it for one day and then I lost almost all of them from my right hand. I don't know why but the neon ones last much longer.
To ostatni mani z ćwiekami na razie. Mam jeszcze kilka pomysłów, ale nie można być tak monotematycznym:)
Myślicie, ze grają ze sobą jakoś te kolory?:)



  1. Graja i to super, so takie ..hmm..przyciagajace wzrok, wprost urocze - szkoda, ze mi takie nie wychodza ;)

  2. These are so pretty! I love how you used the studs. They look great on your nails. ^^

  3. Bardzo efektowne i świetnie dobrane kolory :)

  4. kolory pasuja do siebie :) fajne pazurki

  5. Once again gorgeous! I love it! :D Btw, try buying nail glue to attach them. I use it all the time for larger nail art decoration (larger metal studs, rhinestones larger than 3mm, fimos etc). It's possible to get glue for literally nothing from ebay. In desperate times fast drying super glue works fine too. :D

  6. I love manicures with studs
    and the color combination is great

  7. These look great! I love the colors together, very bold and retro!

  8. Kolory grają jak najbardziej.


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