Thursday, November 07, 2013

Neon lights!

Wow, I didn't know it's so hard to take a good photos of neon nail polishes. Especially without the sun. But I did my best. Altough that photos don't show how bright my nails are right now.
 That's the best photo. You can imagine how bright they really are. I thought about neon nais but I didn't want just one color - I wanted real neon combo!:) So here it's:
I also tried to use a flash but it still doesn't look like it should...
Tape manicure's something really easy and I can do it every time when I have no better idea. For this mani I used 4 colors from my L.A Colors neon set. I bought it in Tj Maxx (it costed like 8$, I think). 
However, I did huge mistake. I mean, I did that mani before I went to sleep. And I decided to try my new Top Coat from Essence. And that's the mistake I'm talking about. I think, it has the longest drying time ever. So when I woke up in the morning it looked so much worse!
Some people don't like to wear such a bright, neon colors when it's so dark outside but I do! It makes me feel so much better:) How about you?
Właśnie teraz, jak już kończę pisać za oknem pojawiają się jakieś przebłyski słońca. W każdym razie prawdziwej intensywności lakierów. Ale chyba każdy wie jak ciężko się je fotografuje i jak genialnie wyglądają na żywo:)


  1. Uwielbiam neonowe pazurki, szczegolnie teraz, gdy jest szaro i buro na dworze.
    No i jak zwykle u Ciebie, design rewelacyjny :)

  2. fajnie polaczylas kolory

  3. Wooo that is bright, but I like it! :-)

  4. zostalas otagowana

  5. love it ..............

  6. I like this manicure!!


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