Thursday, October 30, 2014

Claire's Bright Lights Big City

Omg! Hello, I'm back again. I got a good job offer 3 weeks ago so I had to go to Germany like a next day after I got it. But I'm back again with some new p2 polishes that I bought in german DMs:)
But today I want to show you a nail polish I bought in Canada.
 It's Claire's Bright Lights Big City and I'm deeply in love!
It's amazing black polish with tons of small, holographic glitter pieces. It shines like crazy:)
I think Claire's did a great job as the name fits perfectly good to that color! It's like you have a sparkly, beautiful city lights on your nails:)
I have 3 coats on my nails here (I feel like 2 weren't good enough). And the best part was removing that polish (I mean, I didn't like to remove it, as it's super awesome one:P). Even if it has a lot of glitter inside, it was as easy to remove as a regular polish.
But the worst part was taking pictures of it...It's so sparkly but my camera didn't really show that.
Wróciłam! Znów! Z moimi pierwszymi lakierami z niemieckich DMów i ogromną chęcią do tworzenia kolejnych postów! Mam nadzieję, że teraz będę miała szanse spędzić trochę czasu w domu, bo noszenie przez 4-5 dni tego samego lakieru trochę mnie męczyło:D


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

SUZY Nail Color no. 16206

I found that nail polish in Montreal, in Canada. And I fell in love. I've never heard about that brand before but it's amazing!:)
SUZY Nail Color no. 16206 is a pastel light green nail polish with yellow, green, pink and blue glitter.
I like it, because glitter is very visable, you can see it even when you put 3 coats of nail polish. Too bad, it's quite hard to add enough of that glitter. It's hard to take it off the bottle. 
I was quite impressed because it stayed on my nails more than 3 days! Good result:)
Nie byłam pewna co do tego lakieru, bo myślałam, że to jeden z tych lakierów, gdzie glitter jest zatopiony w bazie i jest dość niewidoczny, ale na szczęście tak nie jest. Mimo trzech warstw, widać nawet te, które nałożyłam wraz z pierwszą warstwą:)


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Sun Of A Peach with glitter.

China Glaze Sun Of A Peach is one of my favorite polishes ever and I don't like to mix it with other colors. But I thought it may turn out very interesting with some glitter topper. Here you can see a result of my experiment:)
 Honestly? I'm in love <3 That glitter made Sun Of A Peach even more neon and visible!
That beautiful little glitter's Life no.01 - blue, white and orange (quite invisible on that background) glitter in transparent base.
I really love that polish but it's so hard to capture its beauty. It's even more neon. I think first photo shows how it really looks like.
How do you like it?:) Hope you all have an amazing weekend! We have finally have beautiful weather here, in my city:))
Na szczęście nie stało się to, czego się obawiałam i ten glitter nie stłamsił potencjału Sun Of A Peach.:D Jest tak samo żarówiasto-neonowy jak i bez niego, Mega efekt!:)


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Wjcon sugar effect no. 803

Are you still in love with textured nail polishes? I am. And that's a proof:
Wjcon sugar effect no. 803 is silver textured nail polish with silver glitter. It's quite similar to Lovely Snow Dust no. 3.
I have only 2 Wjcon's polishes but I love them both. They need only 2 coats and have a great wide brush.
The best part is that it can last on my nails about a week! That's really something:) I always wear it when I don't have a chance to change a manicure for a few days.
I wish I could buy more polishes from that brand. But it's quite impossible as I only saw it in Italy.
Całkiem podobny do srebrnego piasku Lovely z limitki Snow Dust, co nie? Może ten jest odrobinę jaśniejszy. W każdym razie, jeśli ktoś natknie się gdzieś na tą firmę to szczerze polecam!:)

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