Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I hate my new, short nails. I have no idea how to paint them, everything I like looks just stupid on my nails right now. But hey, they'll grow back soon;)
Don't look at my thumb. It's just a disaster;)
For this mani I used:
  • Catrice LE Hip Trip C05 Nude&Rude
  • Essence colour&go 26 break through
  • Essence colour&go 93 c'est la vie!

I like the 'orange' one better. I just put one coat of it and 3 of purple. And it still isn't enough, in my opinion. 
Od jakiś dwóch miesięcy biorę tabletki na wypadanie włosów, które jednocześnie mają wpływać na paznokcie. Teraz mam miesięczną przerwę i nie wiem czy to faktycznie tego wina, ale paznokcie łamią mi się jak szalone:/



  1. Aw, you're too hard on your self, at least you have some free tip and not nubs, I mean it could have been worse. ;) But I do know what you mean, some length aren't suitable for all types of nail arts. If mine are "short" I do a lot of french manicures, sloping frences and stripes to make them look longer XD

  2. Uuuu to bardzo niedobrze :(
    ja brałam też takie tabletki, ale poprawy nie widziałam żadnej...
    Ja uwielbiam kropeczkowe zdobienia :)

  3. they will grow up.dont be sad :-) please !
    nice blog ..and i like your nail pictures !

  4. Piekne kropeczki- ja tez je bardzo lubie :)

  5. I love this dotticure, espesh the combination of orange and purple!

  6. Sad you broke your nail, but truth is: it'll grow back! ;)
    Meanwhile you can try different designs and your nails look gorgeous anyway :D

  7. I think your nail length look fine :) This looks super fun, I like the unexpected combination of purple and orange!


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