Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fail! Essence Paper Print.

I like newspaper nails, I do them quite often. I usually use some old magazine and that works perfectly good for me. But I found a post on Julia's blog where she tested a new thing from Essence. Well, she didn't like it but I thought that I have to check it by myself;) Do you want to know my opinion? I totally agree with Julia and other disappointed girls. And now you can see why:)
First of all, it's very hard to see a print. But I follow all instructions. I pressed the paper for about 20 seconds but the when I pulled it of I still had a small piece of paper on my nails. I didn't buy that special nail polish recommended by Essence I just use an alcohol because it works the best for me.
I took that photos after 2 days of wearing but it looked the same first day I did it. I use Miss Selene 211 as a base (the lighest shade of grey I have). Then I used matt top coat from Vipera. 
I don't like how it turned out but I'm not gonna give up. I'm going use white color as a base, maybe that will help;)
Anyway, I don't recommend this product, it's better to use a magazine, result's much better:) But if you have to try everything by yourself (just like me) good luck:) Maybe it's a good product but I just can't use it:)
Serio, przeczytałam wszystkie instrukcje, a i tak nic z tego nie wyszło:) Ale nie poddam się tak łatwo, spróbuję jeszcze raz na jeszcze jaśniejszym kolorze.
Ktoś może też używał i wyszło mu zgodnie z oczekiwaniami? Ja chcę zobaczyć!:D



  1. Interesting to see but sad that it didn't come out so clear..Hopefully white will work better. :)

  2. Tak czy siak - wygląda bardzo ciekawie!

  3. Nice review!!! But very sad to see that the newspaper nails fail again!!

    But I like the grey color from essence,
    it looks beautiful on your nails!
    Xx julia

  4. Oh that's sad...if that worked how nice little prints u would have got

  5. It's a shame this didn't work out, would have looked awesome :)


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