Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When gold met mint:)

Do you like mixes? I do! And here's another one:
Gold and mint mix! Classic collection, they look really good together!
Base color's Catrice Am I Blue Or Green? I also used Jessica 804 Bling! 
I also used a golden topper from Essence. I don't have a name of it as I threw away an empty bottle.
I also used two different kinds of studs. Unfortunately I didn't have smaller round studs and that's why my thumb looked like this:P
I had to used a dotting tool and golden nail polish to make a smaller dots...
And yes, I found studs that I needed in another box a few days later. Stupid, stupid me!:D
Teraz pora na różowo-złoty mix:) Ten byłby całkiem fajny, gdybym w porę znalazła mniejsze okrągłe ćwieki i nie musiała ich dorabiać lakierem:P 


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Really no idea how to call it!

I have now idea how to call today's manicure. Actually, I haven't written a post titte yet and it's the very first time when I'm gonna to do it at the end.
Would you know hot to call it? I guess no, because it doesn't remember me of anything:P
I'm sorry for a bad photos! I took them after a few days of wearing...and that wasn't the best idea:P
Actually, it was very funny to make that manicure:D Firstlty, I sponged different colors in different spots, then used some pieces of tape. I decided to use a black polish as a top and that's all:)
I also should mention that black polish is Jessica 827 Moon Bean - I've already used almost all of it:(
And here's a version with top coat - I went to sleep to early again so it looked awful when I woke up:D
Też nie macie pomysłu dla dobrą nazwę dla tej notki?:) Już kilka razy przekonałam się, że nie umiem przyykryć czarnym lakierem paznokci...zawsze gdzieś nie dojadę, a jak wyjadę poza linię:P to przy czyszczeniu zmywam nie tylko ze skórki, ale i z paznokcia. Nie wiem czemu, ale tylko przy czarnych lakierach tak mam:D


Friday, April 25, 2014

Wet'n'wild Fergie LE A009 Hollywood Walk of Fame.

To be honest, I don't know why I bought this polish. I mean, I knew, it's not too practical but I bought it anyway. And I used it for the first time a few days ago. And I got it since last summer:D
Wet'n'wild Fergie LE Hollywood Walk of Fame has star shaped glitters and tiny speckles in different colors in clear polish. It looks really nice but only in the bottle. 
It's almost impossible to get the stars off the brush (and what's more they stick to the opening of the bottle when you try to take the brush out).
You also need a lot of top coat because the stars fall off really fast and they don't stick too well (and I destoyed my pantyhose because of it:/).
I removed this polish in less than few hours and I don't think I'm gonna use it again. The base color is (I never used it before) Rimmel 60 seconds 825 Sky High - it looks totally different in real life, it's more blue. 
I can say, this manicure's totally disaster!
Nie wiem po co go w ogóle kupowałam, bo wiedziałam, że zbyt praktyczny to on nie jest. Ale po użyciu rozczarowałam się jeszcze bardziej - nie da się nałożyć tych gwiazdek, przyklejają się do buteleczki, zahaczają o praktycznie wszystko, a przez to szybko odpadają.
Jednym słowem - porażka, a w połączeniu z tym Rimmelem, który całkiem inaczej wygląda w rzeczywistości można uznać ten mani za całkowity niewypał!:P


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taylor Swift for Keds!

Not sure, if you know that but I'm huge Taylor Swift fan. Like really, really huge!:) So can you imagine how happy I was when I found Keds' sneakers in polish T.J.Maxx? Yes, more than happy:)
So I painted this:
And that's because shoes look like this:
I know that stripes should be thinner but I still think, it's a little bit similar:)
That amazing navy polish's Catrice LE Hip Trip C01 Blue Highway - really great color.
I tried to make those flowers as similar to the ones from sneakers as possible but I know I fail:D
Anyway, I was proud to wear both of them - shoes and manicure!
And I just browsed the Internet and found so many even better patterns on their shoes! Hope to find at least a few of them in my city:)
Moje ulubione tenisówki ever! Szkoda było mi wydać ponad 200 zł(!) na buty, ale 65 to już inna bajka:) Co ciekawe w Szczecinie było kilka różnych wzorów, a w Warszawce, gdzie sklep jest z 5 razy nie było ich w ogóle...
Sam wzór nie jest oczywiście identyczny, ale załóżmy, że chociaż podobny:D


Monday, April 21, 2014

Yellow with colorful tips.

I reallt fell in love with yellow polishes lately. I also wanted to try my 2 new textured polishes and that's what I got:
I like to do french nails but it's so much more difficult with textured polishes...I don't know why but that's true:D
That amazing yellow polish's Catrice LE L'Afrique, c'est chic Sunny Side. I still like it! A lot:)
On the tips I have 2 polishes from Wibo's new collection Candy Shop. They gave us 4 new polishes and they're all textured and so sweet! Just like a candies:)
The one above's Wibo Candy Shop no.1 (and I like it more).
Light purple's Wibo Candy Shop no.4. That's a great collection and I have to try that polishes solo very soon!:)
 Wibo i Lovely zdecydowanie dają radę! Nowe lakiery są świetne - uwielbiam zwłaszcza te dwa kolory:)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

That's not Easter manicure!

Everyone shows their Easter manicures and I feel like I should too. But it's not gonna happen because I didn't make any:)
That's also not what I'm wearing on Easter, but it's time for this manicure today;)
But, to be honest...when I look at this picture now, I can say it's a little bit Ester-y:)
Maybe, that's beacuse of those colors!
I'm at work now, so I can't check names of polishes I used...
I'm sure only about the brands. Yellow's Maybelline Colorama, orange's Spoiled Let's get shushi (yep, I remember only cool names:P), green's Essence and purple's from L.A. Colors set.
Please, don't look at this imperfection on my middle nail:D
So, I wish all of you Happy Easter - have a lovely time!:)
Nieświąteczne paznokcie na Święta:) Co prawda wczoraj zmalowałam coś innego (może bardziej świątecznego), ale to następnym razem:)
Wesołych Świąt!:)


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Catrice LE L'Afrique, c'est chic C03 - Sunny Side

I've never worn this polish solo and that was huge mistake! It's amazing:)
Sunny Side's one of the polishes from Catrice L'Afrique, c'est chic limited edition which was released last summer/autumn. 
It's yellow (of course:P) textured polish and it needs only 2 coats for full coverage. 
I haven't seen it before but this polish's really similiar to lemon. Probably because of its structure.
I love it! And I'm going to wear it more often now!:)
Ten post powinien pojawić się dobre kilka miesięcy temu, ale czasem niestety działam z nieco opóźnionym zapłonem:) W każdym razie i tak cieszę się, że w końcu wypróbowałam go solo, nie tylko jako dodatek w zdobieniach:)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kind of cherry blossom:)

It's only a kind of a cherry blossom because it doesn't really look like a real one:P Actually, not even like a similiar one:)
 Do you know what I mean? It doesn't look like a tree, just a lot of different dots:D
Polish in the background is Essence colour&go 146 that's what i mint! Great color and name!
I used thing brush and dotting tool to make this trees. I also needed whtite and brown polishes and two different shades of pink.
And while I was removing this manicure I broke two nails...So another posts are going to be with shorter nails. Again:|
 Nie do końca tak wyglądały w mojej wizji, ale co poradzę...jakoś nigdy nie umiałam malować. Nawet na kartce:P


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Everything I like the most!

I was browsing nail art blogs recenly and found this post. My first thought was: 'wow, that's all I love the most!'. So I decided to create my version:)
And here it's! Another colors, the same stunning effect!:)
I'm not really sure now what polishes I used...
I'm almost sure the green's Essence Guerilla Gardening LE 02 Plant the Planet. 
Blue may be Sensique Strong&Trendy Nails 171 Forget-me-not. It's the last blue polish I bought and I usually use the newest one first so that's porbably this one:D
Firstly, I put tape on half of nails and made a gradient . Then I removed a tape and added some blue and green dots and that's all!
It looked really good in a real life! I'm proud of thta gradient part - looks good enough:)
So, I have dots and gradient here...what else do I need?:P
Normalnie, to był któryś już raz, gdy kobiety z Biedry chwaliły moje paznokcie! Mam stałe fanki:P Żartuję, ale było miło:D
To chyba jedno z lepszych połączeń jakie ktoś stworzył (a ja bezczelnie odgapiłam), naprawdę ma wszystko to, co lubię! Jednocześnie!

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