Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Textured skittles.

We had a beautiful weather two weeks ago and I decided to spend that time on the beach:) So yes, you can see a Baltic Sea in the background of my pics.
 It was one of that days when I had no idea what to do with my nails. Firstly, I thought about regular skittles then I decided to use a tape and make something like that.
I'm not really proud how it turned out but I like that views in the background:D
I used 5 textured polishes:

  • Lovely Snow Dust Collection no. 1 (gold)
  • Lovely Baltic Sand no. 2 (yellow)
  • Lovely Baltic Sand no. 1 (orange/red)
  • Golden Rose Holiday no. 55 (blue)
  • Wibo wow glamour sand no. 1 (green)

I don't like that colors....Skittles mani should be more...cheerful and bright;)
Ehhh...I miss summer days. It was a beautiful day and I hope spring and then summer will come very fast;)
And here's a little making of:D That's one of the most crowded spot in that town. I spent a lot of time waiting for right time to take that pics:D
Nie ma to jak stać na molo w Międzyzdrojach i robić sobie zdjęcia paznokci:D Wolę nie wiedzieć co myśleli sobie ludzie spacerujący w tą i z powrotem...;) Fajne uczucie w każdym razie, polecam każdemu!



  1. Fajniutkie mani :)

    Uwielbiam to molo :D

  2. Piekne pazurki i piekne widoczki- zazdroszcze!

  3. Really great manicure! I love using tape too, I think the colours look great together! You are very lucky to have had beach weather already! xx

  4. Gorgeous! I like colors together, it reminded me about summer. And I liked the background too.. here we've still got snow.

  5. Great manicure. I like how it looks with these textured polishes. :)

  6. wow this manicure looks soo pretty,
    You did a wonderful job, and I love the pictures ;)

    Xx Julia

  7. Ale ekstra to wygląda! Ja w końcu mam piaski podobnych kolorów i będę eksperymentować, bo wcześniej miałam taki gryzące się kolorki i nie bardzo mogłam je łączyć ;)

  8. Awesome pics and cool mani! I wat to go to the seaside too :)


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