Friday, December 27, 2013

Sensique Art Nails no. 321.

I really hope all of you had a lovely time full of joy and hapiness:) I've already tried 2 of my new nail polishes but tonight I want to show another one that I bought a few weeks ago.
This amazing topper's Sensique Art Nails no. 321. It's a colorful topper where you can find pink, yellow, black, purple and white glitter. Some of them are circle, some square but there're also a stripes. It's a nail polish for nail art so it has a thin brush. But I used another one from an old top coat.
Topper's colorful and I wasn't sure what should I use as a base color. I thought about light purple or pink but as you can see I chose a light blue. It's Wet&Wild Shine Teal Slowly and See.
It's a beautiful color, it reminds me of a summer sky:) It has good quality and is pretty cheap. I think it was about 1$.
I wasn't sure about a base color but I knew I want a matte effect:) That's why I used Foggy Top Coat from Vipera to get a matte look:)
Jak patrzę na ten lakier to cały czas chodzi mi po głowie zdanie 'oprócz błękitnego nieba...':D Gdyby nie to, że znalazłam jakiś stary top coat to tym cienkim pędzelkiem do zdobień bym się trochę namachała, a tak to poszło całkiem łatwo i przyjemnie;)



  1. Świetny topper! Mam ostatnio fazę na różne byłyskotki i chyba w tego też będę musiała się zaopatrzyć :)

  2. świetne mani :)
    masz genialne paznokcie!


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