Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lovely Snow Dust collection combo.

Yes, that's amazing collection and yes, that's the last post about it:) I wanted to create mani with all nail polishes from this collection and here's what I did:
First, I used Essence colour&go 85 galactic black. And that was mistake. Or maybe not, I like the black stripes but dark base made that two colors look almost the same.
The first one's silver Lovely Snow Dust no.3, then gold Lovely Snow Dust no.1 and then a top - white Lovely Snow Dust no.2. 
Lovely Snow Dust no.2 is as you could see beautiful textured white nail polish. But when I put a black one as a base it turned out to be more siver than white...
That's why you could think they're the same but they're really not. It just depends on base color. And now I know that I can use a white one only with bright colors.
It's really good collection, don't you think?:)
Ostatni post o tej serii pokazujący wszystkie trzy cudeńka:) Nietrafiony dobór bazy trochę spaczył kolory, a aparat to jeszcze dodatkowo przekłamał, bo w rzeczywistości ta niewielka różnica między srebrnym (przy palcu), a białym (końcówka) była bardziej widoczna.



  1. sa piekne i srebrzyste! Wspaniala zimowa kolekcja :)

  2. Nice manicure! I love nail arts with textured polish!

  3. Collection looks great and so does your nail art :)

  4. I like this!
    The black stripes in combination with the glitter looks just beautiful


  5. Beautiful! I love the look of these textured polishes :)

  6. Faktycznie różnica kolorów jest minimalna ;)
    Fajnie wyszło :)

  7. Oh, this was a beautiful combination! :D


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