Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lovely Blink Blink no.4

I have too many nail polishes that I bought months ago and I've never used before. That's one of them:
 This is a nail polish from collection that released in autumn - Lovely Blink Blink no. 4. That's beautiful green jelly base with pink and holo glitter.
Unfortunately it's not able to cover our nails solo, we need to use some base. I chose Essence LE Guerilla 01 I'm the Moss. 
It's kind of Christmas-y, don't you think?
Mam wszystkie lakiery z tej kolekcji chyba od października i to jest pierwszy jaki użyłam:) Niezłe mam tempo, nie ma co:)
Podoba mi się ten lakier, wymaga co prawda bazy, najlepiej w zbliżonym kolorze, ale efekt jest ciekawy:) i taki nawet trochę świąteczny.



  1. this is perfect for this time of the year, it totally reminds me of a christmas tree :)

  2. Też go mam i tak leży i czeka na jakieś świąteczne zdobienie :)

  3. I like your nails!
    The green color looks beautiful and I love all the sparkles! :)
    I think it's the perfect color for Christmas

    Xx julia

  4. I love the green color, and the sparkles make it so festive :)

  5. Very cool nail polish! Despite it's sheerness I'd try to wear it solo :)

  6. Lovely! This turned in such a festive mani, the colours are perfect for the season :)


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