Thursday, May 01, 2014

Pastel stripes

It's a manicure I wore during Easter. I don't like it and it has a lot of imperfections but I'll share it anyway.
 Another note for myself - never do manicure at 2 am. It can't turn out good. Just can't:D
I used 5 pastel polishes but honestly, it doesn't look good on white base. Especially the blue one...
I don't remember what polishes I used but I'm sure I already show all of them here.
I can't believe, but that's my 100th post! I'm really proud of myself because I usually give up very fast on everything...
Kto by się spodziewałam, że dotrwam aż do 100 postów. A co najlepsze, wcale mi się to nie nudzi:)
Udanego długiego weekendu, nawet jeśli tak jak ja 2/3 spędzacie w pracy:D



  1. Gratuluje 100-go posta! Tak trzymaj :)
    A paseczki sa cudne!

  2. Gratuluję i życzę kolejnych setek postów ;* ♥
    Urocze paseczki :)

  3. Yeey your 100th post, congratulations Ela! I don't know why you think these colours don't go with white because I really like your design! :)

  4. i too like the deign, though i coukd see the imperfections... but that's always a problem with striping tape. if you put it down to strong it takes some of the base polish, if you put it down to light the top polish maybe runs underneath...
    nevertheless i like it and the colors are fitting well together!

    1. true! and it also depends on polishes you use. Anyway, I like tape manicures and I'll try to make a perfect one next time:D

  5. love it ! and love the way you put the spring color !

  6. I love this design and all the colours used and it is so perfect for Spring :) x

  7. Ślicznie by wyglądały do letniej bluzki albo sukienki :D Piękne kolorki

  8. I think these are really pretty on the white base, not a fail at all!

  9. Mi się bardzo podoba ten efekt, gdy jest na zasadzie tafli, jednak na początek nie chciałam się porywać na zbyt trudne,a po za tym miałam tylko kawałek folii :(

  10. Those lines look just perfect ;)
    Love this manicure


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