Friday, May 30, 2014

Nail art with Born Pretty Store's rhinestones.

I also got that great chance to test some Born Pretty Store's products. I'm only mad at myself that I used terrible top coat and it runied whole effect. But I'm still gonna share this manicure with you:)
It wasn't easy to choose something from their store. I found SO MANY amazing things and I couldn't decide.
Anyway, I was sure I need some new rhinestones. But it still wasn't easy to choose from so many different ones:D
I picked those rhinestones. It's set of 12  multicolored rhinestones. They have 1 mm and that's pefrect size for many different nail arts.
 I was surprised how good they are. Honestly! I wore it for 3 days and didn't lose any of them!
I used 5 pastel polish and that's cool how good they look with those rhinestones. Almost identical!:)
As I said, I chose the worst top coat for that manicure. It dried forever so when I woke up in the morning the whole manicure was destroyed. I added another coat and it was even worse. And started bubbling...
If you like those rhinestones you can buy it here. And when you use my code - EGG10 you can get 10% discount!
Tak się stresowałam, żeby pierwszy mani ze współpracy był na poziomie, a top coat wszystko popsuł:/ W każdym razie te ćwieki jak najbardziej polecam! Sama się zdziwiłam jak wytrzymałe są i jak łatwo je przymocować do paznokcia:)



  1. Mi sie bardzo podoba, fajnie calosc razem wyglada :)- design na 6+ :D

  2. Gratuluję współpracy :D Genialne mani :D

  3. Fajne zdobienie :) ja zawsze gubię tego typu ozdoby zaraz po ich naklejeniu

  4. These colours are amazing and I love what you've done with them :-)

  5. Ooh very cool that you got to test these rhinestones! They look very cute and I love the colours! You also did a great manicure with them, the polish fits them perfectly!

  6. very cute design and love the colors of these rhinestones :)

  7. I love all those details on your nails :)

    ~Xx~ Julia


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