Friday, September 26, 2014

American nail polishes! I'm back!

OMG! Hello:) That's so bad I'm finally back home but it's so good to have a time to paint nails and post here!
So, my summer was more than perfect and I bought only 45 new nail polishes. I'd buy much more but I was a little bit worried about overweight. I also lost one which I bought in Mexico City:( And one was crushed in my luggage (the one I brought from Poland, thanks God).
Let me show, my new little babies:)
L.A. Girl Splatter's set that I bought in Marshalls in Cape Cod, MA. Love the middle one the most.
My first Orly! I've already tried them all. The green one's Here comes trouble, the middle one's Macabre Masquerade - i love it, the glitter sparkles so much. The last one's called What's the password? That's not really my color, but it was cheap:D
Also...China Glaze! Two of them are from some holograpghic collection: I like Cosmic Dust the most (the silver one), the other one's called Take a trek.  The third one's Rare&Radiant. Also from Marshalls (love that store).
And now, cheap polishes with a cool names - SinfulColors! From the left:

  • 24/7
  • Unicorn (yes, I bought it because of its name:D)
  • Burn Rubber (from textured collection)
  • Starry Night (I haven't tried it yet, but it looks gorgeous in the bottle)
  • Chick Chick (a souvenir from Chicago)
  • Most Sinful (love that shade)
Sally Hanses Sugar Shimmer, I didn't heart about that edition when I was in Poland in June so I have to buy one! The blue one's called Sugar Cloud and that's blue textured polish with pink shimmer. The other one - Berried Under - I got from my Secret Buddy (such a camp game).
Spoiled! Checkin' Into Rehab (purple one) and Daddy's Credit Card.
Souvenirs from Montreal, Canada. I've never heard about that brand but I love those colors! The first one's called Angel Blue (don't ask me why, it's not blue at all) and Dark Green (simple:P).
Souvenir from Toronto, Canada. It's Kozmic Colours' set from Dollar Store:P
When I was in Puebla, Mexico I felt like in nail polish paradise! I've never seen so huge stores with nail polishes! That was so hard to choose only few of them:P I didn't know that KleanColor brand before but they have the coolest names! I wanted to buy Smile Now, Cry Later (dark red nail polish) but it was sold out...So, from the left:
  • KleanColor 343 Birthday Wish
  • KleanColor 228 Chunky Holo Candy (it's from Colima, Mexico actually)
  • KleanColor 277 Bright&Breezy (that's metallic matte)
  • KleanColor 286 Tangy Lemon (glitter matte)
It was clereance time in Forever 21:D
Ombre set from T.J. Maxx.

The first one's called Esmalte Apple by Apple and it's from Puebla. The second one's from Monreal and I can't wait for try it! It looks amazing! And Maybelline ColorShow Street Art 52 Nighttime noise because I couldn't find them in Poland.
My favorite brand - wet&wild!

  • Wet&wild Mega Rocks Stick it to the Man
  • Wet&wild Black Creme (because I needed a black polish)
  • Wet&wild Blazed
  • Wet&wild I Red a Good Book (because of its name, again!)

  • The first one's a souvenir from NYC! And it has a cool name - Berry Nice to Meet You by Icing. The middle one's from Toronto and I'm deeply in love with this one! Bright Lights Big City by claire's. Amazing holo effect. Orange one's a souvenir from my favorite Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It's Jordana 973 Orange Gleam - lovely glitter in a orange base.
    And the best for the end! OPI liquid sand. I feel in love with them long time ago but it was a little to expensive for me. And I found them in T.J. Maxx in NYC for 4 USD only! And that's also my favs from that collecion: OPI Can't let go and OPI Get your number. I'm in love - that was a deal of my life:) Be Awesome by OPI is also a gift from my Secret Buddy but it's really hard to apply.

    So yes, that's all! Not much:) I couldn't buy a nail polish in each city (like Guadalajara or The Bahamas) but that's okay. And my mum bought me like a 30 another polishes when I was gone:D A lot of swatches is cooming soon:)
    Can't wait to post again soon:)

    Jak dobrze móc znowu malować paznokcie i pisać na blogu:) Czeka mnie sporo testowania wszystkich amerykańskich zakupów oraz tego wszystkiego co kupiła mi mama jak mnie nie było:D A już zdążyłam przeczytać, że w Rossmannach są jakieś nowości, wow. 
    Najbardziej byłam zadowolona kiedy na lotnisku w Warszawce poczułam zapach rozlanego lakieru i okazało się, ze jedyny jaki straciłam to jeden z 4 polskich lakierów jakie przywiozłam ze sobą, lucky me:D A koleżanka napisała mi własnie, że znalazła mój zagubiony lakier z Mexico City w swojej kurtce więc nic nie straciłam, yay!

    It's good to be back,


    1. OMG same cuownosci!! Bardzo sie ciesze, ze wrocilas, strasznie dluuugo Cie nie bylo. Odpoczywaj i maluj kochana <3

    2. Jejku, już ostatnio się zastanawiałam czy wrócisz do nas w końcu czy nie, witaj ponownie kochana ♥
      Cudowne maluchy przywiozłaś, czekam na swatche :)

    3. AAAHH I'm so glad you're back Ela! I hope you had a wonderful time there!! I'm so jealous of all your new polishes, they look awesome! Especially the holo Claire's one :)

    4. Great to see you back :-D :-D

      What a great haul - they are some amazing polishes - can't want to see them here :-D

    5. Welcome back Ela!i am happy ! amazing collection ! i cant wait to see them all!

    6. Love the polishes from forever 21~!

    7. Jakie łowy :) Widzę sporo fajnych rzeczy :)

    8. Welcome back!
      "only 45".... ahahahha you killed me.
      Gorgeous loot!


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